A trip to Hoshiarpur places to visit is like uncovering journey gold. The most populous and smaller area in Punjab, Hoshiarpur is slanted at the Foothills of Shivalik areas on Punjab. There are many famous places which you can explore in this city and have fun on your journey. Thousand of tourist people come here and relax their minds in Hoshiarpur Punjab. A visit to the famous Tarzan Wet N Wild and Archaeological Museum.

I know you are curious to know more about this city of Punjab. so let’s reveal the history The mythological antiquity of Hoshiarpur goes back to the Mahabharata, one of the two Sanskrit epics of ancient India, with various sites associated with its brave heroes, the Pandavas. He is said to have spent 13 years of his life in slavery. This is a small history of this town.

Ready to experience all the charm Hoshiarpur has to offer? Plan your trip to this favorite city with our list of the best places to visit in Hoshiarpur Punjab.

Tourist Places to Visit in Hoshiarpur

I have mentioned below 5 places to visit in Hoshiarpur. You will definitely enjoy it so keep reading it.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

I know many of why this Archaeological Museum comes in 1st position, so let me tell you this Museum was established in the year of 1971. Archaeological Museum blows a variety of unique and enthralling art found in excavations at Dholbaha, an archaeological site that has unveiled confirmation of its ancient existence.

There are Nemours of ancient treasures found included to 10 century of India like Vishnu’s 10th-century head, with hair, well combed and crowned, adorned with garlands and chakra’s and much. If your passion to know more about the Indian culture and history of India. You must go to explore this place. You’ll love it. The best thing about this you can visit and explore Free.

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal Hoshiarpur Punjab

Lala Hans Raj was passionate to build a monument constructed in the year of 1911. Hoshiarpur is an individual of the aged cities of India which is located on the northeastern side of Punjab. It shows the creation of a design lifestyle during the regime of the Sikh and British periods.

Even you can explore the Sheesh Mahal Bazar as well. The Bazar is famous for clothing and Chappals. If you are foreigners you can buy the cultural things of city Punjab.

Gurdwara Garna Sahib

Gurdwara Garna Sahib

This Gurdwara is located at Sri Garna Sahib, Village Bodal, District Hoshiarpur. It is easily reachable from Hoshiarpur via Gardiwala. Guru Hargobind Sahib came here from Kartarpur and preached Sikhism. When Guru Sahib was crossing this forest, he found a bush of dry sugarcane, which he was holding in Guru Sahib’s attire. Guru Sahib told his lion to bury it internally and blessed that you have now stopped us in the future that you will stop the troubles of people in real life.

Gurudwara Garna Sahib was established during the reign of Sardar Jodh Singh (d. 1816), leader of the Ramgarhia Mali, whose area was again Bodal. Later, Bhai Ishar Singh Ramgarhia of Takipur, a village 6 km northeast of Bodhil. This is a small history of Gurdwara Garna Shaib which you should know before coming here.

Damsal Dam

Damsal Dam Punjab

Damal Dam is an earth-filled dam at Mahingarol in the Hoshiarpur district of northern India. You can experience the natural beauty of nature and feel relax in Dam lake. It is located on the seasonal Damal river and works mainly for flood control and irrigation in the area. The dam is maintained by the Kandi Area Dam Maintenance Division, Hoshiarpur.place to visit in Hoshiarpur

Gurdwara Harian Velan

Gurdwara Harian Velan

This place is placed at the locality of Baba Prajapati’s house, as this was where Guru Har Rai lingered. The entire field is circled by mango trees. The palm tree, to which Guru Har Rai tied his horse, still stands near Nishan Sahib. When Guru Har Rai reached there, there was no water nearby. Seeing the lack of water, Guru Har Rai shot an arrow into the ground, and a fountain of water appeared.

It is located a few yards from Gurdwara Sahib. The Sikhs sang and the horses used all the local water sources. Guru Har Rai blessed those who bathed there with good qualities. This Gurudwara is also the center of Sikh and Gurmat Manch.

Tarzan Wet N Wild

Tarzan Wet N Wild

Looking for a fun water park in Punjab then you should know about this Tarzan Wet N Wild. This is an amazing place for especially in the summer season. If you have a group of people who want to enjoy their summer vacation holiday then this is the best place to visit in Hoshiarpur Punjab. This water park has a lot of water amusement rides and water slides. This place will never let be sad ever. Just have fun in the amusement park and enjoy your day.