Punjabi people, now you will be happier to know that you will be able to see your Punjab land records Online. land fard Jambandi measles khatauni etc. online. I know it is very easy to find any property. If you are going to do a little computer, you can get all the information about the land to get online.

Many of us want to know how you can see your Punjabi land records online via disturbing to your society member as well. Earlier people used to go find any check any Jambandi and Fard on Tehsildar office and submit their fees. But now time has totally changed.

Punjab Government has made this process quite easy to check online Punjab Land Records through a gov site. However, there is a problem come whenever you try to check online land records the PLRS sites work quite slowly. Due to some reason. Society has reported this issues a lot of time but it didn’t solve yet. Punjab land records online

Punjabi people will be amazed by how they can see all this online / Jambandi fard Kander Don’t worry and don’t get confused about how you can check your land records before buying and Purchasing it. In this blog post, I will share each and everything which you should know before checking it. So let get started.

How to Check Jambandi on Punjab Land Records Online PLRS?

  • First you need to visit http://plrs.org.in/ this site. then click on Fard Button
  • Next, this site will move you to http://jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/default.aspx then you need to click on the Jambandi button after that you need to add the owner’s name.
  • Now you need to add Owner Name in search box
  • Make sure you Add Correct Owner Name in the search box
  • It’s time to add the Khewat number and click on ‘View Report’.
  • Choose the area, tehsil, village, and the year.


How to Search Mutation Details on PLRS website?

  • Visit http://plrs.org.in/and click on the ‘Fard’ button. The next page will be redirected to another page that now appears to select the ‘Mutation’ tab.
  • Choose from the selections ‘Mutation Date Wise’ or ‘Mutation No. Wise to get features.
  • After choosing that option now finally you will able to see the mutation details on the PLRS site. I have made Gif for you what you have to do it.

How I Can Check daily land transaction details on PLRS website?

  • Visit http://plrs.org.in/and click on the ‘Fard’ button. The next page will be redirected to another page that now appears to select the ‘Roznamcha’ tab.
  • This time you have to pick ‘Rapat No. Wise’ or ‘Waqiati No. Wise’ to proceed. After that you need to sure gain that preference, decide a year from the dropdown, and ‘Type of Rapat’ and ‘Rapat number’. Now click on ‘View Report’.
  • At last, your details will be shown in a minute and you will get your result which you are looking for it.


What are the benefits of Punjab Khasra Khatouni Fard

  • People of Punjab will be able to see the records of Measles Khatooni Online Jambandi / Punjab Fraud.
  • Punjabi People will not have to go to any other Patwar office.
  • Because of this, criminals will be rare in the market because many people took bribes and were able to give details of the land, which caused a lot of trouble for the poor but will not happen now.
  • The whole role can be done sitting at home.
  • People of Punjab will be able to get the details of all their land online by entering their measles number etc.
  • It will be able to hold out a print

FAQs Asked By User Online

What is Punjab Land Records Society?

This is a Punjab Land Records Society (PLRS) is the online portal to manage land records by Punjab government. This PLRS site helps the user to check online land details.

How to Check Land Record Online in Punjab?

To check online land record in Punjab you need to visit PLSR site and follow the steps which I have mentioned in our site check it out

Friends, I Which kind of information do you like about Punjab land records? If you have any questions related to this? So you can comment, we love to answer your questions.